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Association of importers and manufacturers of automotive parts and servicing equipment.

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The association was established on 15 June 1994. It is a voluntary and open association of independent entities which was founded as an interest association. It creates a platform for solving and asserting common interests, intentions and goals in the area of independent automotive replacement parts aftermarket.

It is a voluntary and open fellowship of independent subjects - established as an interest association of legal entities. It creates a platform for solving and promoting common interests, intentions and goals in the field of independent aftermarket, service equipment supplies and car paints for the Czech market.

As one of its main goals, the association attempts to actively influence the legislation of the Czech Republic and, via the international associations, also the European legislation. The association is an active “mover” of legislation related, for example, to the so called Block Exemption i.e. granting “equal rights” to aftermarket parts so that they have the same status as the parts supplied in the networks of OE manufacturers.

Other goals include, for example:

  • cooperation with other organizations in the development of the aftermarket on the principle of mutual equality
  • coordination and assistance in solving the intentions and goals of the aftermarket, suppliers, car service centers and repair shops
  • promoting of common interests of association members towards state authorities and institutions
  • support for the activities and contacts of members in relation to relevant authorities and institutions
  • comprehensive consultations and advisory activities (mediation of these activities)
  • SISA is part of the European association FIGIEFA promoting our interests at the European level


  • We use the TecDoc database in our onlineshop. This database keeps fleet information up-to-date and allows manufacturers and suppliers to categorize their products and their association with specific vehicle models.
  • We provide our customers with data exchange services, one of which is the TecCom service, which solves the complex EDI connection between our information system and the customer's ERP.
  • ET ENGINETEAM brand data meets the highest quality standards of TECDOC catalogue. That is why ET ENGINETEAM has been awarded the "Premier Data Supplier" (PDS) quality seal.
    Since the summer of 2021, TECDOC catalogue has been awarding the seal of quality to manufacturers of parts. ET now belongs to less than a quarter of all brands in TECDOC catalogue that have achieved this exceptional level of "Premier Data Supplier" (PDS) quality. You can also see this seal for each ET item in the TecDoc catalogue.
    You can find ET ENGINETEAM brand in TECDOC catalogue since 2012. TECDOC Premier Data Supplier is the highest possible status proving consistency, completeness and accuracy of the supplied data. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will always find the right part in ET.