Return of goods

If you wish to return goods for a specific reason, please clarify this in any case first with the staff of the customer service department and agree on the conditions. When returning goods, please always fill in the return form. This will make it much easier for us to identify the returned goods. If we receive a package without the completed form, we will be forced to deduct the costs incurred by the goods identification from the refunded amount.

  • The buyer can return the goods within 14 days of receipt.
  • The goods can be returned only undamaged and in original packaging.
  • Damaged or already installed goods cannot be returned.
  • A fully completed Return delivery protocol must be enclosed in the package together with the returned goods.
  • Upon receipt of the return delivery, the seller will issue a corrected sales tax invoice (credit note) and the buyer will be refunded the amount.Versandkosten der Rücklieferung trägt der Käufer, falls die Rückgabegründe beim Käufer liegen (z.B. Ersatzteil wurde für die Reparatur nicht genutzt).
  • Shipping costs of the return delivery will be borne by the buyer if the reasons for the return lie with the buyer (e.g. spare part was not used for the repair).
  • Shipping costs of the return delivery are borne by the seller, if the reasons for the return lie with the seller (e.g. wrong item delivered).

Address for return of goods:
Ústecká 408
Czech Republic
Tel: 00420 475 209 033