KMS Data Sharing

The service is used to determine the current status of the warehouse via an automatic connection to the customer's ERP or e-shop.

Due to the changing requirements for the automatic connection of stocks between us and our customers, we offer several connection variants. Below is a list of current options. If you are interested, contact us. We will provide you with documentation and find the most suitable solution.

Option 1 / KMS REST API - online requests

  • Solution that provides real-time availability information, including the possibility of extension by availability from our suppliers
  • The advantage is real-time communication and the possibility of obtaining availability from our suppliers + other functionalities
  • The disadvantage is the need to check individual positions or batches of inquiries

Option 2 / KMS SFTP - file sharing via SFTP

  • Solution using availability file sharing via SFTP
  • The advantage is easy setup and obtaining complete data for display in your ERP or e-shop
  • The disadvantage may be the time delay and the inability to display supplier's stock

Option 3 – TecCom Order

From customer (you) to our company: 

  • Stock availability and price requests – online
  • Express orders for items in stock – online
  • Stock orders including backorders

From our company to customer (you):

  • Stock order confirmation (confirmation of item availability, or its inclusion on backorder)
  • Information about order dispatch
  • Invoice

Access to the service is restricted to partners who request the service

The service is FREE

Contact us for more information.