KSMS Storage Service

This service is intended for establishing the current numbers in the warehouse at K MOTORSHOP in real time

Contact us for more information.This is the ideal tool for placing in your e-shop or information system.

  • You have the option of showing your items in stock on request.
  • There is no longer any need to have goods in your warehouse, because you simply show your customer that the goods are in an “external warehouse” for instance and that you can obtain them within 48 hours (subsequent procedure simply depends on individual agreements with us and the method of showing this information in your e-shop).
  • This functionality is assured by means of web services, so everything takes place without further interference being required following initial configuration.
  • Numbers in the warehouse are updated in the database in real time, which means that numbers are always current.
  • Access to this service is limited to partners who request it.
  • This service is FREE.