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Association of importers and manufacturers of automotive parts and servicing equipment.

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The association was established on 15 June 1994. It is a voluntary and open association of independent entities which was founded as an interest association. It creates a platform for solving and asserting common interests, intentions and goals in the area of independent automotive replacement parts aftermarket.

As one of its main goals, the association attempts to actively influence the legislation of the Czech Republic and, via the international associations, also the European legislation. The association is an active “mover” of legislation related, for example, to the so called Block Exemption i.e. granting “equal rights” to aftermarket parts so that they have the same status as the parts supplied in the networks of OE manufacturers.


We use the TecDoc database in our web tools. This database maintains up-to-date information on car fleet and allows manufacturers and suppliers to categorise their products and link them to specific vehicle models. Without such database, the cataloguing and classification of parts would hardly be possible.