Timing chain kit assembly recommendations


  1. While mounting the kit, follow the stated mounting procedure from the product manufacturer, every time.
  2. Majority of kits contain chain tensioner. Beware, that tensioner is tensed and wrong manipulation with the tensioner can cause you an injury. Don’t put out the bolt till the tensioner is in the right position (mounted on the timing chain system) and always make sure, that the piston is not pointing in your direction or somebody else, in the distance of 20 meters.
  3. While mounting the timing chain kit, remove engine oil and all filters.
  4. Check the lid of the engine and wet sump. Any possible damages, even the smallest ones, can be crucial for the right function of the tubing and it can effect flow rate and pressure of the oil (especially for 4x4 cars). Damaged wet sump, must be replaced every time for a new one. If the engine uses VVT hub system, check also the functionality of electromagnetic valves, which uses this system for regulation. When installing the damaged valve, you are risking, that system will not be working correctly and the engine can be heavily damaged. Remember, that damaged valve could be the reason of the precede malfunction and when installing the same valve you are risking this malfunction again.
  5. Before starting the engine, always make sure, that tensioner was mounted correctly. In case of wrong mounting in the timing chain, it can cause the severe engine damage

It’s good to know

Timing chain kit replacement
Kit needs to be replaced when the engine is louder than before, or if there is control light on, in your engine diagnostic, e.g. because of the wrong setting of the camshaft or crankshaft. We don’t recommend you to install a new chain on used gears. Used gears will lower down the durability of the timing chain, which will shorten its life span and it will be necessary to replace the timing chain sooner.

Oil contamination
Service interval of the oil change is set for a 30 000 km. During this distance, the impurities and contaminants accumulate in the oil, and it shortens its functioning. It also lower down the functioning of the oil system. Right function of this system is crucial for maintaining the power and life span of the mechanical and hydraulic components of the timing chain kit.

Chain offsetting 
If even, the only one of the gears mounted incorrectly, which means that all other parts of the kit are not aligned, timing chain will offset from the correct position. It means that timing chain will be over bended and it will damage its construction. That will lead to the premature wearing and consequent damage.

Loud and broken chain
Chain is loud when the force on the chain itself is lower that the force made by the engine rotation. When the chain is not tense enough it is oscillating and bending down.
This leads to the premature wearing and damage. Chain will break if it is over stressed or if the stress is not even on all parts of the chain. That can be caused by the lack of hydraulic pressure in the kit. Causes of this problem can be following:

  • Not enough oil
  • Clogged oil streams and tubes
  • Oil contamination
  • Using the wrong oil type
  • Damaged wet sump or clogged filter or tubing

Blocked tensioner
Blockage of tensioner can be caused by oil contamination, lack of oil or high temperature while engine overheating.

VVT hub
Correct functioning of VVT hub depends on right oil flow. Malfunction or disfunction of the VVT hub indicates that there is a problem with oil flow caused by:

  • Clogging
  • Lack of oil in the engine
  • Malfunction of the oil pressure detector
  • Wrong oil usage

VVT hub directly affects the timing chain function. If there is any malfunction of the timing chain, the VVT hub needs to be replaced as well. IF the VVT hub is not replaced it is shortening the life span of newly installed timing chain kit.

Timing chain case
If the case is badly placed we can indicate the malfunctions such as oil leakage or too much noise (if the chain touches the case). If the case contains wet sump, the noise is like bee in the glass. Unmount the case and check if the touching spots and service holes are not damaged, in case of damage change the case.

Quality oil
Oil is the blood of the whole engine and it is necessary, that your oil will be the right one with the right specifications. Wrong oil affects all other hydraulic components, including tensioner of the timing chain kit. Effects can be disfunction and the damage of the whole engine. Before the replacement of the timing chain kit, it is recommended to change the oil as well.

Recommended service
Change the whole timing chain kit during every replacement, including gears, which will put your timing system back to the default options. Make sure, that oil system of the engine is clean and its working for 100%. Before the timing chain replacement, we recommend to clean the whole engine.

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