Pierburg water pump + MAHLE thermostat for BMW N54 and N55 engines


For BMW enthusiasts, we have put together a practical set of PW0014 pump of CWA 400 type in the best quality. The set includes Pierburg water pump 7.07223.02.0 and MAHLE thermostat TM1497.

The main advantage of Pierburg water pump 7.07223.02.0 is the use of better materials than the series pump. Vibrations in the plastic serial pump can cause the plastic cover to rupture which may lead to water leakage. That may eventually lead to an electrical short in the electrical components.

The Pierburg pump is made of aluminium and is designed to eliminate the problems of the original series pump and increase its reliability. The pump has undergone a stress test which has shown longer durability and better properties than a plastic pump installed in new cars in series production. The pump cover is made of aluminium which eliminates noise and makes the driving experience more pleasant.

The pump and the thermostat are designed for BMW 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, X3, X5, X6, Z4 and N54 / N55 engines. Related OE numbers are 11519455978, 11517632426, 11517588885, 11517568594, 11517563659 for the pump and 7544788, 11537544788, 7536655, 11537536655, 11537549476, 7549476 for the thermostat.


  • Increased reliability
  • Improved cover design made of aluminium
  • Quieter and more robust
  • Quality steel screws (included)
  • Tested and approved in a test lab
  • Integrated control unit

Advantages of the electric cooling pump:

  • Independent of engine speed
  • Inlet as required
  • Reduced fuel consumption and pollutant emissions
  • Faster warm-up during cold starts
  • Prevention of hot spots by engine deceleration after switching on

This article drew information from technical documentation PI 1943.

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General information

Title:Water Pump + thermostat
Car:BMW 1 (E88) 3 (E90) 5 (F10) X5 (E70) Z4 (E89) N 54 B30 A 2006+
Weight  :3,10 kg


Supplementary Article/Info 2: with thermostat
Operating Mode: Electric
General Information: includes components PIERBURG + MAHLE
Netto price: $860.95 ($860.95 without VAT 0%)
Your price: -40% $516.57 ($516.57 without VAT 0%)
Warehouse: 0 pcs

General information

Title:Water Pump, engine cooling
Car:BMW 1(E82/E88) 3(E90/E91/E92/E93) 5(F07/F10/F11) 6(F06/F12/F13) 7(F01/F02/F03/F04) X3(F25) X4(F26) X5(E70) X6(E71/E72) Z4(E89) 135i/335i/335xi/535i/535xi/640i/740i N54B30* N55B30* 2007+
Weight  :3,34 kg


Operating Mode: Electric
Voltage [V]: 12,5 V
Diameter 1 [mm]: 40 mm
Diameter 2 [mm]: 40 mm
Water pump impeller material: Plastic
Supplementary Article/Info 2: with fastening material
Netto price: $542.00 ($542.00 without VAT 0%)
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General information

Brand: MAHLE
Title:Thermostat, coolant
Weight  :0,55 kg


Opening Temperature [°C]: 97 °C
Packaging width [cm]: 12,20 cm
Packaging length [cm]: 16,2 cm
Packaging height [cm]: 19,20 cm
Net Weight [g]: 473 g
Netto price: $88.52 ($88.52 without VAT 0%)
Your price: -30% $61.96 ($61.96 without VAT 0%)
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