News ET Engineteam 1/2017


New ET Engineteam components in the K MOTORSHOP assortment

As one of the first on the market, we are happy to introduce ET Engineteam camshaft adjuster - the ET Engineteam VT0002 VVT hub. It is a device for variable valve timing. Available for VW, Seat, Škoda and Audi with 2.0 TFSI 16V engines. OE: 06F109088C, 06F109088G, 06F109088J.

sada rozvodového řetězu RS0050VVT hubs are also used by the RS0050 complete timing chain kit with two adjusters for variable valve timing for Peugeot, Citroen and BMW with 1.4 and 1.6 VTi engines. It has a 138-link Simplex chain. VVT hubs are essential for smooth operation of a camshaft and should also be replaced while installing a new timing chain. That’s why we come with a complete set that solves this problem once and for all!

Another new addition to the ET Engineteam product range is the UV0009 repair kit including cylinder sleeve with piston and piston rings for youngtimers Škoda Rapid / 130 / Favorit 135 / Forman and Felicia I and II. Based on demand, this kit continues where the Kolbenschmidt workshop already finished production with the same parameters and quality under the ET Engineteam brand. It is a complete set for installation in engine type 742,13. Individual parts are also available separately: cylinder sleeve VA0019 and a complete piston with rings and pin PM005900.

New ET Engineteam timing kits

RS0042: Timing chain kit addresses problematic CBZA and CBZB engines, i.e. Škoda, VW, Audi and Seat with 1.2 TSI capacity manufactured since 2011. In these cars, OE timing sets already start malfunctioning after about 40-60 thousand kilometers. The fault is usually caused by a noisy run during the cold start when the timing chain is not yet tensioned because of insufficient pressure of the hydraulic tensioner. At this moment, there is a risk that the chain skips and the synchronicity of the pistons and valves is disrupted, which leads to a collision in the cylinder and subsequent serious engine damage. That is why we highly recommend replacing the timing chain kit after 40 thousand kilometers.

The RS0042 timing kit with OE components resolves this problem. In addition, you will find a valve cover sealant and a degreaser in this kit to clean the housing. OE: 03F198158, 03F198158A, 03F198158B, 03F198229A.

The RS0042 timing kit includes:

  • 1x guide rail 03F109469E
  • 1x guide rail 03F109509F
  • 1x timing wheel 03F109571F
  • 1x timing wheel 03F105209G
  • 1x tensioner 03F109507F
  • 1x washer WHT004724
  • 1x chain 03F109158G
  • 1x screw set
  • 1x screw set N10734501
  • 1x sealing compound ELRING 705.707
  • 1x HUNOLD cleaner EU003799

RS0046: Timing chain kit for Mazda, Ford and Volvo with 1.8 and 2.0 liters capacity manufactured since 2005.

RS0045: Timing chain kit for Seat, Škoda, VW engines with 1.2i 12V motors, mostly manufactured since 2008.

RS0044: Timing chain kit for oil pump drive. Suitable for VW, Audi and Škoda 2.0 TDi with PD injection system (Pumpe Düse). OE: 03G103333E, 03G105173, 03G115124D, 03G115230, 03G115281A.

RS0043: Timing chain kit for Seat, Audi, Škoda and VW with 1.8 TSI engines - most frequently manufactured since 2006. For BYT, BZD, CDAA engines.

ET Engineteam oversize pistons, piston rings and cylinder head

R1009900: Set of three piston rings for a piston with 76.51 mm oversize. For 1.4 FSI cars manufactured since 2007: Škoda Superb / Octavia / Rapid / Yetti / Roomster, Seat Altea / Ibiza / Leon / Cordoba / Toledo, VW Golf / Passat / Jetta / Scirocco / Tiguan / A3. OE: 03C107301B, 03C107311B, 03C107319C, 03C198151, 03C198151A, 03C198151E, 036198151H.

PM003050: Oversize piston with piston rings and pin. With + 0.5 mm oversize compared to standard. For D3EA, D4EA, Hyundai Matrix / Accent / Getz / Elantra / Santa Fe / Trajet / Tucson / Sonat / i30 / Highway, Kia Sportage / Cee'd / Carens / Cerato / Magentis.

Available in three variants for D4EA engines: Pistons in standard sizes PM002800 with 46.8 mm chamber, PM002900 with 42.8 mm chamber, PM003000 with 48.5 mm chamber, and oversize piston PM003050 with 48.5 mm chamber.

HL0109: Cylinder head for Audi 3 / A4 / TT, VW Golf / Touran / Passat / Eos / Scirocco, Seat Leon / Altea / Toledo and Škoda Octavia 2.0 FSI. OE: 06D103351D, 06F103351

ET Engineteam oil pumps and their components

PU0102: Oil pump flange suitable for RS0001 timing set. For Opel, Suzuki, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo engines with 1.3D / JTD / CDTi engines - usually since 2003. OE: 73500417

PU0101: Oil pump suction nozzle also for RS0001 timing set. OE: 73500421

PU0100: Oil pump for Ford Fiesta / C-Max / Focus / Mondeo / Galaxy / S-Max, Volvo S 40 / C30 / V50 / S80, Mazda 3/6 OE: DS7E6600AA, LF0214100, LF0214100A, 1S7G6600BF, 1S7G6600BG, 1S7G6600BH, 1S7G6600BJ, 1119219, 1149127, 1149939, 1351734, 1362082, 31359885, 5146772

PU0098: Oil pump for Ford Fiesta / Transit, Focus / Tourneo Connect / Galaxy / S-Max / Mondeo / C-Max 1.8 TDCi since 2007. OE: XS4Q6F008AD, XS4Q6F008AE, XS4Q6F008AF, XS4Q6F008AH, XS4Q6F008BA, XS4Q6F008BB, XS4Q6F008BD, XS4Q6F008BF, XS4Q6F008BH, 1E1014100, 1078508, 1103529, 1131923, 1219712, 1374144, 1568324

ET Engineteam camshafts

HV0361: Exhaust camshaft (exhaust valve camshaft) for Opel and Saab with 1.9 and 2.0 CDTi capacity (for A20DT, A20DTJ, A20DT, A20DTC, A20DTL, Y20DTJ, Z19DTH, Z19DTJ). OE: 55565850, 5636107

HV0360: Intake camshaft (intake valve camshaft) for Opel and Saab with 1.9 and 2.0 CDTi capacity (for A20DT, A20DTJ, A20DT, A20DTC, A20DTL, Y20DTJ, Z19DTH, Z19DTJ) OE: 55565850, 5636107

HV0359: Cast iron intake camshaft for 4HL, 4HN, 4HP, 4HR with 2.2 Hdi capacity. OE: 0801.EX, 0801.FZ

HV0358: Cast iron exhaust camshaft for 4HL, 4HN, 4HP, 4HR engines with 2.2 Hdi capacity. OE: 0801.EW, 0801.FY

HV0357: Steel camshaft with sensor. Suitable for cars with 1.5 dCi capacity - Nissan Kubistar / Micra / Almera / Note, Dacia Logan / Duster / Sandero / Renault Thalia / Megane / Clio / Kangoo / Logan / Twingo / Modus / Scenic and Suzuki Jimny. OE: 8200978873

HV0356: Steel camshaft for Škoda, VW, Seat with engines AWY, BBM, BMD, CHFA, CHFB with 1.2i capacity. OE: 03D109101N, 03D109101P

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General information

Title:Timing Chain Kit
Car:Peugeot Citroen 1,6 VTi 2009+/ MINI Cooper 1,6 2010+
Weight  :3,30 kg


Chain Type: Simplex
Number of chain links: 138
Netto price: $476.19 ($476.19 without VAT 0%)
Your price: -40% $285.71 ($285.71 without VAT 0%)
Stock: > 25 pcs

General information

Title:Camshaft Adjuster
Car:Skoda Octavia, VW Golf Passat, Audi Seat 2,0TFSi 16V BWA BLR 2005+
Weight  :0,66 kg


Number of splines on input shaft: 19
Netto price: $223.81 ($223.81 without VAT 0%)
Your price: -40% $134.29 ($134.29 without VAT 0%)
Stock: > 25 pcs

General information

Title:Timing Chain Kit
Car:Audi A1, Skoda Fabia Rapid Yeti Roomster, VW Cady Golf CBZA CBZB 2011+
Weight  :1,50 kg


Supplementary Article/Info 2: with bolts
Number of chains: 1
Scope of Supply: includes components OE + ELRING
Netto price: $245.29 ($245.29 without VAT 0%)
Your price: -40% $147.17 ($147.17 without VAT 0%)
Stock: 0 pcs

General information

Title:Cylinder Head
Car:Skoda Octavia, VW Passat Touran, Seat Altea 2,0FSI BWA CDLA 2005+
Weight  :14,60 kg
Netto price: $945.05 ($945.05 without VAT 0%)
Your price: -30% $661.53 ($661.53 without VAT 0%)
Stock: 1 pcs

General information

Car:Renault Clio Scenic, Nissan Micra, Dacia Logan 1,5DCi K9K 2010+
Weight  :2,16 kg


Supplementary Article/Info 2: with sensor
Emission Standard: Euro 5
Netto price: $235.67 ($235.67 without VAT 0%)
Your price: -40% $141.40 ($141.40 without VAT 0%)
Stock: 4 pcs

General information

Title:Oil Pump
Car:Ford Duratec HE 1,8 2,0 Mazda 6, Volvo C30 S40 V50 2006+
Weight  :0,84 kg
Netto price: $235.67 ($235.67 without VAT 0%)
Your price: -40% $141.40 ($141.40 without VAT 0%)
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