Stock linking / TecCom / sharing of stock availability data


Digitization, automatic linking of stock availability, electronic document interchange (EDI) are commonplace in our company.

Do you want ET ENGINETEAM, Pierburg, Kolbenschmidt, ELRING and possibly other brands in your e-shop or ERP system with a link to our stock availability? There is nothing easier than to add it and then ask us to link it to our stock via web services. We currently offer 3 linking options, which can also be combined. From the simplest interface for obtaining stock availability, to a complex EDI solution via our tools or via TecCom.

If you are interested in any (or all) of these services, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with detailed documentation and arrange the most suitable solution to meet your needs. The service is free of charge for you.

You can currently use the following tools:

Option 1 / KMS REST API - online requests

  •     Solution that provides real-time availability information, including the possibility of extension by availability from our suppliers
  •     The advantage is real-time communication and the possibility of obtaining availability from our suppliers + other functionalities
  •     The disadvantage is the need to check individual positions or batches of inquiries

Option 2 / KMS SFTP - file sharing via SFTP

  •     Solution using availability file sharing via SFTP
  •     The advantage is easy setup and obtaining complete data for display in your ERP or e-shop
  •     The disadvantage may be the time delay and the inability to display supplier's stock

Option 3 – TecCom Order

From customer (you) to our company: 

  • Stock availability and price requests – online
  • Express orders for items in stock – online
  • Stock orders including backorders

From our company to customer (you):

  • Stock order confirmation (confirmation of item availability, or its inclusion on backorder)
  • Information about order dispatch
  • Invoice

Contact us for more information.