Magneti Marelli range now in our e-shop


Over 32,000 items from MAGNETI MARELLI are now available in our e-shop. Marelli offers a wide range of engine parts such as timing kits, ignition coils, starters and alternators. Apart from that, there are also mechanical parts, components related to air and fuel delivery and much more. They supply various parts to OE as well. Therefore, you will find quality products from a reliable brand even in the range of their aftermarket division.

Marelli's headquarters is in Italy, but the aftermarket department is managed from the Polish distribution hub, which ensures fast deliveries to our warehouse. Our e-shop displays availability of the items in Mareli warehouse along with information how long it will take for the item to reach us. You can usually count on delivery to our warehouse within 3-4 days after ordering.

You can find a wide selection of products in the range:

Electrical and electronic parts

  • starters, alternators
  • wiper systems
  • electronic systems and ignition
  • pressure, temperature sensors
  • ignition coils
  • fuel pumps
  • fuel supply units
  • and more

Mechanical parts

  • shock absorbers
  • air springs
  • gas springs
  • chassis control arms
  • brake discs
  • water pumps
  • brake pads
  • brake shoes

Body parts

  • lights
  • rearview mirrors
  • electric window lifters
  • door handles
  • bumpers
  • engine coolers
  • thermostats

Other parts

  • wipers
  • spark plugs
  • glow plugs
  • set of ignition cables
  • light bulbs
  • engine timing components
  • engine and interior filters

Here is the entire range of Magneti Marelli brand.

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