Opel 2,2 DTI EGR valve


There are already many of EGR valves in the ET Engineteam range. The EGR valve has introduced with the EURO 3 emission standard. Its task is to recirculate the exhaust gases and suck them back into the intake manifold. Doing so, it reduces the amount of nitrogen oxide emissions. This EGR can be found in OPEL SIGNUM, VECTRA B, ASTRA G Estate, OMEGA B, ZAFIRA cars with the popular 2.2 DTI engine since 2000. Engine codes X 22 DTH / Y 20 DTH / Y 22 DTH / Y 22 DTR. The EGR valve ED0053 is designed for these vehicles.

The EGR valve plays an important role in emissions reductions. Diagnostics often reveal a fault in the EGR system. In case of damage or contamination of the valve it is necessary to replace it with a new one. Exhaust gases flow through the EGR, which can cause greasy carbon particles to settle, making the EGR impossible to work properly. Defects can include idling fluctuations, engine jerks during rapid acceleration, software crashes into emergency mode, or increased smoke. We do not recommend cleaning the EGR valve, but replacing it with a new one. We also recommend the article Faults associated with flue gas return.

The list of current EGR valves range can be found here.

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Title:EGR Valve
Car:Opel Saab Astra Signum Vectra Zafira 2,0 DTI 2,2 DTI X 22 DTH 2000+
Weight  :2,56 kg


Valve type: Control Valve
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with gaskets/seals
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General information

Title:EGR Valve
Weight  :1,03 kg


Valve type: Control Valve
Operating Mode: Electric
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with seal
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