Hurray, we got a new website.


Hurray, we got a new website.

It comes with a lot of upgrades, such as:

  • More options to search (via VIN and KBA number)
  • Better options how to filter (by the product groups and additional filters of preferred brands and parts)
  • Possibility to view news, sales and many other things in combination with a brand and a date of adding the part into the stock
  • Better connectivity of products with relevant articles
  • Great page layout
  • User-friendly and mobile-friendly for smartphones and tablets

New website includes a lot of technological adjustments, which at first you cant see. These features allow us to develop the functionality of the website and store services themselves for the future. You will hear about these adjustments very soon.

TIP for finding your original e-shop password:

  • You will sign in to the new e-shop under your original e-mail and password as before.
  • If your original password was saved in your browser and was remember for your sign in, you can see the password and use it for the new one.

(How to find your original password in Chrome browser: menu „settings“ – „passwords“. In Firefox menu „settings“ – „options“ – „privacy and security“ – „saved sing in credentials“. Edge – „options“ – „settings“ – „passwords and automatic fill in“ – „manage passwords“. (If you are using a different browser or external password manager, you can definitely find the password in its settings).

  • If you don't know your password, just simply get a new one on your e-mail. In the upper menu click on "sign in" and in the sign in box click on the link "did you forget your password, get a new one". In the next step fill out your e-mail to which you will get a message with further instruction on how to generate new password.