Connecting Rod Bearing - 227PL10219000 MAHLE - 4470301760, 51024100487, 4470302460

Brand: MAHLE
Title: Connecting Rod Bearing
Car: MAN
EAN: 4009026549957
Weight  : 0,24 kg


Quantity Unit: Pair
Surface: Cathodic Sputtering
Surface: Galvanically coated
For bearing clearance from [mm]: 0,044 mm
To bearing clearance [mm]: 0,111 mm
For housing diameter from [mm]: 95,0 mm
To housing diameter [mm]: 95,22 mm
Width from [mm]: 36,2 mm
For wall thickness from [mm]: 2,468 mm
To wall thickness [mm]: 2,478 mm
For shaft diameter from [mm]: 89,9 mm
To shaft diameter [mm]: 90,0 mm
Packaging length [cm]: 13,6 cm
Net Weight [g]: 210,0 g
Packaging height [cm]: 4,20 cm
Packaging width [cm]: 8,50 cm
General Information: the upper shell is marked with SPUTTER water cooled intake port 40x30 mm
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