Hoffer brand products are now in our range


In our e-shop you can now find over 25,000 items from Hoffer brand, such as electrically operated spare parts like water pumps, fuel pumps, EGR valves, throttles, vacuum pumps and many more for European, Korean and Japanese vehicles. HOFFER is one of the trademarks of the Italian company MEAT DORIA. In the HOFFER package, you will receive either an OE part, a part from OE manufacturers, or a qualitatively comparable part of their own production. Hoffer is also expanding its range of refurbished parts - but it is not necessary to return the old part.

Hoffer range is listed in TecDoc catalogue, so you will find the brand in the search by part number, by vehicle details and by engine. Our e-shop is also connected to the manufacturer's stock and thanks to operational logistics we are able to secure the goods within 3-4 days. You will see the manufacturer's stock immediately in the search result or in the product details.

Here, for example, the range of :

Here all the HOFFER range.

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