Connecting Rod Bearing - 79350600 KOLBENSCHMIDT - A9260300060, CB-1888P, 001PL19799000

Title: Connecting Rod Bearing
Car: Mercedes-Benz Truck & Bus Atego Accelo Atron Econic Boxer Vario LK/LN HPN Unimog Torino Zetros Conecto(O345) Touro(O500) Tourino(O530) Citaro(O530) Setra Bus MultiClass M902* M906* OM900* OM902* OM904* OM906* OM907* OM909* OM923* OM924* OM925* OM926*
EAN: 4028977585692
Weight  : 0,12 kg


Component Number: 72696600
Component Number: 72695600
Standard Size [STD]: yes
Quantity Unit: Pair
General Information: The upper shell is marked with `SPUTTER`.
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