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The range currently covers these product groups:

Camshafts, Lifters (mechanic and hydraulic), Rocker arms, Oil pumps, Timing chain kits, Cylinder heads, Crankshafts, Electric parts, Gaskets, Piston rings, Pistons, Bearings, Valves

The brand came to be in 2007. At the onset, this brand was known for its cylinder heads and crankshafts from OE manufacturers, primarily Škoda and VW. Furthermore, another market segment were gasket sets for commercial trucks (RVI, IVECO, MAN). The assortment gradually grew to include more and more items and also more suppliers..

The main priority has been product quality from the beginning. The brand‘s success lies in its careful selection of suppliers and products. Production is always managed according to ISO norms, while a large share of its suppliers are also suppliers to OEs, which means that in the packaging of ET ENGINETEAM, you’ll always get a tried and trusted product. The same emphasis that is put on the selection of quality suppliers, is put on the careful placing of parts into the TecDoc catalog, along with all the related specifications, pictures and service information. The non-stop process of expanding the assortment and expanding the portfolio of quality suppliers is underway.

We are convinced that you will be encountering the ET ENGINETEAM brand with ever increasing frequency. The brand is gaining ever greater popularity and the customers‘ reviews are very positive. So keep in mind: A new brand of quality motorparts has hit the market - ET ENGINETEAM!

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